Kagan Winter Academies 2020

Las Vegas, NV February 17–18

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Las Vegas, NV

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Kagan Cooperative Meetings

Leading and Inspiring Staff!

February 14–15, 2020 (All Grades)

Transform your staff meetings into cooperative meetings. Make them engaging, inspiring, and educational. Experience why Michael Fullan states, "Cooperative Meetings is a treasure chest of ideas, resources, and activities for staff developers and others wishing to engage in dynamic learning experiences. No other resource exists that contains such a comprehensive set of strategies to enhance learning for all." This workshop gives you the step-by-step structures to transform your faculty into a community of leaders and learners. Cooperative Meetings was field tested for fifteen years in one of the world's most acclaimed school districts, transforming staff relations and school practices. Learn collaborative decision making structures so there are never winners and losers as your staff works together for school improvement. Improve staff relations; bring out the best in your teachers. Create engagement among all staff members, releasing energy in your meetings and beyond. Make staff meetings a joyful time every teacher prizes. Join other administrators who are transforming their schools by transforming their meetings—release the power of Cooperative Meetings. Leave with inspiration and direction to create the dream school—a community of motivated, caring teachers.

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  • Motivate your staff with energizing staff-building ideas
  • Become an instructional leader by modeling active learning in your own faculty meetings
  • Build positive relationships among your staff
  • Have fun and solve problems together with initiative tasks and games
  • Learn structures to make collaborative decisions and maximize teacher buy-in
  • Discover how to use your time wisely by what you cover and what you leave out
  • Build a learning community to grow together as professionals
  • Develop personal commitment and investment in the school
  • Create a shared vision with your staff and work together to make it a reality

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Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
3700 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
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Check-in: 8:00am
Course: 8:30am–4:30pm
One hour lunch break

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