Kagan Multiple Intelligences

Topeka, KS • March 3, 2018

Reach and teach all your students with different patterns of intelligences. Celebrate your students' uniqueness. Honor the diversity among them. In this workshop, you will learn about the eight different ways our students are smart, and even learn to recognize your own pattern of intelligence. But most importantly, you will learn practical and proven multiple intelligences structures you can use to engage your different learners. Provide onramps to your curriculum for your nontraditional learners using innovative MI structures your students will love. Take home practical step-by-step instructions for each structure so it is easy to create a learning environment that builds on student strengths and develops the range of intelligences for everyone. Don't miss this exciting hands-on, interactive workshop! #24733

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Landon Middle School
731 SW Fairlawn Rd.
Topeka, KS 66606
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Check-in 8:00 am

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Workshop Highlights

  • Learn how your students are smart in eight ways
  • Recognize your own pattern of intelligences
  • Provide multiple windows into your curriculum to make sure students are really “getting it”
  • Give all your students the opportunity to show how smart they really are
  • Boost students' self-esteem and learning as they recognize their unique intelligences
  • Make your curriculum accessible to all your students with all patterns of intelligences
  • Take home cutting-edge, practical Kagan MI structures to promote success in your classroom
  • Use MI lessons and activities to make your content more engaging and exciting for everyone

Free Materials

  1. Multiple Intelligences Book
  2. Multiple Intelligences workbook
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