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Salem, OR

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Cooperative Learning Day 1 • January 22, 2020 • WS #29896

English Language Learners Day 1 • January 23, 2020 • WS #29897

Emotion-Friendly Teaching Days 1 and 2 • April 13-14, 2020 • WS #29951

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Participant Review

“Amazing content that seems so seamless to implement into any classroom at any time. Useful to every content and level of education.”

—Jenny Stephens, High School Teacher

“Workshops are enjoyable and fast-paced, some of the best I've attended throughout my career.”

—Gayla Verzwyvell, 3rd Grade Teacher

“The great thing about Kagan is that it can be used at all levels, so high school, middle school, elementary, primary and even early childhood can use Kagan Structures.”

—Jennifer Botello, Principal

“Excellent strategies in instructing lifelong responsibility of all students. Sharing with each other was invaluable. Teachers helping teachers - what a powerful way to learn!”

—Kimberly King, Middle School Administrator

“This was great. I feel refreshed and am leaving with ideas to help my students, and to understand them better.”

—Christine Oszust, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Everything I learned can be implemented in my classroom immediately.”

—Sandra Whelan, 5th Grade Teacher

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