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Four Music CDs
Mozart for Creativity CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (All Grades)
With wide variations in tempo and composition, these timeless Mozart classics inspire imagination, ingenuity, and inventiveness.
• Artistic expression
• Creative writing and poetry
• Projects
• Drawing and painting
• Brainstorming

Mozart for Motivation CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (All Grades)
This compilation of sweet and upbeat Mozart gems will arouse the senses, energize the mind and body, and promote peak performance.
• Physical activity
• Inciting action
• Elevating mood
• Boosting alertness
• Instilling enthusiasm

Mozart for Productivity CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (All Grades)
Mozart was a musical genius! Use the magic of Mozart to awaken the genius within. The tracks on each CD are selected and arranged specifically for their tempo and composition to boost brainpower and promote peak performance. Match the right music to your task at hand and revel in the magic of Mozart.
Ideal for...
• Getting it done
• Staying on task
• Achieving results
• Working hard
• Finishing on time

Mozart for Thinking CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (All Grades)
Calm and focus the mind. Promote deep and focused thinking using smooth and nondistracting Mozart masterpieces.
• Higher-level thinking
• Studying and memory
• Test-taking
• Reading and writing
• Independent work

Accelerating Achievement Teaching Workbook
You will receive a customized, interactive workbook for each day of training. Your workbook provides a location to record new learnings, make personal applications to your classroom, reflect on fresh insights, and gather novel ideas shared by colleagues. Your workbook will serve as an invaluable reference as you implement the many structures, strategies, and ideas in this training.
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