Summer Academy 2018

July 9-20 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

10Experience it for Yourself!
There's no better way to learn how to use Kagan in the classroom than experiencing it yourself. You won't just learn about structures—your Kagan presenter will model effective teaching and management so you can experience the Kagan difference first-hand!

10Create a Caring Class!
Whether you want to respect the brain principle of establishing an optimal learning environment or you just want your students to be more kind and caring, Kagan has strategies for you. By working in teams, your students will become more cooperative and your class atmosphere will be more positive than ever before.

Boost Student Learning!Boost Student Learning!
Years of research and test scores show that Kagan Structures work, and they work well. Teachers, schools, and even entire school districts who have adopted Kagan have shown dramatic academic achievement gains. While all students excel with Kagan, students who experience the greatest success are those who traditionally slip through the cracks. Boost learning and close the achievement gap!

Boost Student Learning!Enjoy the World Class Setting!
In addition to being hosted in a four star hotel with all the amenities, the Kagan Summer Academy is ideally located across from Downtown Disney® area. You're a short ride away from theme parks, shows, shopping, dining, and much more. There's something for everyone just around the corner.

Boost Student Learning!Invest in Yourself!
Develop your skills as a teacher, trainer, or administrator. You'll come away from Kagan's Summer Academy with instructional strategies you'll be able to use to enhance learning for your entire career!

Boost Student Learning!Teach Smarter, not Harder!
Teaching can be hard work. There are lessons to plan and plenty of curriculum to cover. Teach smarter by talking less and allowing students to interact more. Learn structures you can use to generate enthusiasm and learning without any prep time. Don't be the hardest working person in your class. Become the engineer of effective student work!

Boost Student Learning!Your Students Will Love It...and You!
Are you concerned with how receptive your students will be to learning together? Are you kidding? Teachers have been struggling for years to get students to stop talking. Learn to effectively channel that need to interact into productive learning. Your students will thank you for making your classroom so much fun.

Boost Student Learning!Kagan's Biggest Product Display of the Year!
Kagan's Summer Academy features Kagan's biggest teaching resource display of the year. Browse Kagan favorites and check out the latest publications and products to help make your classroom come alive!

Boost Student Learning!Come Learn from Kagan's Top Trainers!
When you attend the Kagan Summer Academy, you're guaranteed one of Kagan's very best trainers. Kagan only selects the best trainers to fully engage you in your workshops and institutes. Come learn from Dr. Spencer Kagan, Laurie Kagan, and Kagan's top training team!

It'Kagan's #1 Training of the Year!Throughout the year, Kagan trains tens of thousands of teachers at workshops, institutes, graduate courses, and conferences domestically and abroad. Our Summer Academy is our showcase training event of the year. Come experience the best of the best.