Summer Academy 2023

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Kagan Win-Win Discipline

Strategies to End Every Disruption!

July 25–26, 2022
Grades K-12

Win-Win Discipline is the most concrete and comprehensive classroom discipline program available. Used worldwide, Win-Win transforms our concept of discipline: Discipline is not something we do to students; it is something we help students acquire! Are there disruptions in your classroom you'd love to eliminate? Learn winning step-by-step strategies for every discipline problem. Win-Win Discipline gives you easy-to-use strategies for prevention, for the moment-of-disruption, and for follow-ups. You'll learn to recognize and respond differently to the seven positions that cause almost all discipline problems. Convert disruptions into learning opportunities. Disruptive students win: They learn responsible ways to meet their needs for a lifetime. The class wins: Students spend their time learning, unhindered by disruptions. You win: You get to teach without interruptions. Win-Win changes everything. Come to school excited to teach! WS# 33484

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  • Boost your confidence in handling all types of disruptions you face
  • Understand why your students misbehave and what to do about it
  • Promote responsible behavior in your classroom
  • Deal appropriately with aggression, confrontations, rule breaking, withdrawal, and clowning
  • Channel your overly energetic students' disruptive behavior into productive learning
  • Adopt preventative discipline strategies that address problems before they happen
  • Create a safe, comfortable classroom focused on learning, not discipline

Workshop Info

Challenger Intermediate
325 N Walnut
Goddard, KS 67052
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Check-in: 8:00 am
Course: 8:30 am–3:45 pm

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Rave Reviews

“We learned many different structures for active engagement and classroom discipline—how to help kids stay on track by stimulating their young minds and molding them into successful and productive members of society.”

—Katie Canar, 4th Grade Teacher

“This is the best workshop I've ever been to. The practical application is overwhelming, and I love using it. It made my wallflowers bloom and my discipline problems flee.”

—Kathy Pickell, ESE Teacher

“Win-Win has applicable ideas that are able to be used immediately. This makes sense! I learned a lot this week that will help my whole staff with management and discipline.”

—Koral Shook, K–4th Grade Counselor

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