Summer Academy 2023

Coming to Denver, CO!

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Brain-Friendly Teaching

Kagan Structures to Teach the Ways Brains Best Learn!

June 6–7, 2022
Grades K-12

We have a choice: We can teach using traditional methods or we can teach the way the brain best learns. Teaching with traditional methods is like swimming against the current: Teaching is more exhausting, students learn less, and like class, content, and the teacher less. When we teach the ways the brains best learn, teaching is more effortless and students learn and enjoy class more. You will view actual brain scans demonstrating how to boost engagement and retention with simple structures as part of any lesson. You will learn the six principles of brain-friendly teaching in a way you will never forget! Come turn on your brain in this active brains-on, interactive workshop. Learn to boost motivation and achievement as you create your brain-friendly classroom! WS# 33477

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  • Put brain science to work to maximize learning
  • View brain scans showing how brains “light up” with student interaction
  • Master Kagan Structures to make every lesson brain-friendly
  • Target brain centers for emotion, motivation, memory, attention, and thinking
  • Create a safe learning environment where learning, thinking, and creativity flourish
  • Nourish the brain with Number Group Mania
  • Discover the stimuli that boost comprehension and retention of content
  • Apply the six principles of brain friendly teaching in every lesson

Workshop Info

Orchard Park Academy
7395 Zuni St.
Denver, CO 80221
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Check-in: 8:00 am
Course: 8:30 am–3:45 pm

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Free Kagan Materials

  • Brain-Friendly Teaching: Tools, Tips & Structures Book
  • Brain-Friendly Teaching Course Workbook
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Rave Reviews

“The content was amazing! I learned so much about the brain and how it functions, and I can't wait to use this knowledge and new structures to plan my lessons and create engaging, brain-developing activities! I love Kagan!”

—Elizabeth Garza, 9th Grade English Teacher

“I am completely blown away by Dr. Kagan's research and his ability to teach others about understanding brain function to educate children. I am so happy I attended this workshop and will encourage others to learn and use Kagan Structures!”

—Sherri Archer, Elementary School Principal

“Excellent! I loved the activities and information about brain research. I smiled more than anything because I could see my students benefiting from everything!!”

—Alicia Davis, Teacher

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