Summer Academy 2023

Coming to Bradenton, FL!

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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Emotion-Friendly Teaching to Boost Social and Academic Skills!

June 13–14, 2022
Grades K-12

Make your classroom more emotion-friendly! The emotion-friendly classroom is a far more effective approach for reaching the five goals of Social-Emotional Learning. Instead of learning about positive social and emotional behaviors, students acquire these skills as part of every lesson. With Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), students have a greater understanding of their own emotions, become more skilled controlling their impulses, are better at motivating themselves, become more empathetic, and improve their social skills and relations as they interact over the regular academic curriculum—no separate lessons are required. Explore Dr. Kagan’s groundbreaking Emotion Wheel, a visual tool to help students understand and take control of their own emotions. Harness the power of student emotions to improve every aspect of your classroom from academic success, to class management, to improved student relations. WS# 34383

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  • Radically reduce disruptive behavior, bullying, and violence
  • Promote relationship skills and empathy for others
  • Learn how to leverage emotions to increase student self-motivation and achievement
  • Improve class climate and raise students’ IQ by eliciting positive emotions
  • Teach students to understand and manage their emotions with the revolutionary Kagan Emotion Wheel

Workshop Info

Bradenton Christian School
3304 43rd Street
Bradenton, FL 34209
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Check-in: 7:30 am
Course: 8:00 am–3:15 pm

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Free Kagan Materials

  • Emotion-Friendly Teaching book
  • Emotion Wheel Poster
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Course Workbook
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Rave Reviews

“I’m always impressed when such highly intelligent people can deliver complex information in a way anyone can comprehend.”

—Lisa Keen, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Inspiring, motivating, supportive.”

—Sarah Rouse, 10-11th Grade Physics/Science Teacher

“Super powerful information that I wish I had learned years ago when I was in college preparing to become a teacher.”

—Sascha Smith, 5th Grade Teacher

“This workshop was extremely valuable. The connection with EQ and success in the classroom and in life is powerful.”

—Heather Brown, 6-8th Grade Science Teacher

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