Summer Academy 2021

Sarasota, FL • June 30, 2021

English Language Learners

Kagan Structures to Skyrocket Comprehension and Fluency!

All Grades

Limited and non-English speaking students acquire essential reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills while accelerating their curriculum mastery. How? Kagan Structures are cooperative and communicative teaching strategies—wonderful tools to promote English fluency while improving mastery of academic content. Through interactive structures, students are exposed to more comprehensible input and radically increase their opportunity to practice language. Learn the stages of language acquisition and then learn Kagan Structures to best help your English learners at each stage. Ideal for regular classroom teachers, ELL teachers, project directors, and coordinators. WS# 30237

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Booker Middle School
2250 Myrtle Street
Sarasota, FL 34234
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Check-in 8:00 am
Course: 8:30 am–3:45 pm

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  • Use cutting-edge structures that integrate language learning with academic success
  • Put the best language acquisition research to practice in your classroom
  • Close the achievement gap for second language learners through proven, fun, motivating activities
  • Engage students who are at every stage of language learning
  • Create a safe environment in which budding language skills can flourish
  • Teach language skills in context using rich team and pair interactions
  • Learn how to manage your classroom to maximize success for your ELL students

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Participants rave about Kagan's English Language Learners workshop. Come learn Kagan Structures to skyrocket comprehension and fluency at Kagan's Summer Academy.

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