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July 8-19 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

Bookmark and ShareKagan Lesson Planning: Transform Your Content into Dynamic Lesson Plans! July 18, 2019 All Grades

Required Prerequisite:
Minimum first 2 days of Kagan Cooperative
Learning prior to March 2019.

You must bring at least two weeks past lesson plans
and teacher manuals with you to this event.
How to Apply

Working with your own curriculum content, in this hands-on workshop you apply a detailed step-by-step roadmap to define what your students will learn and how they will learn it. This workshop is a “make and take”: you leave with a ready-to-implement lesson plan. But the workshop is much more: You learn techniques of lesson planning you can apply to make any lesson more dynamic and memorable.

This course emphasizes application of the Kagan basic formula: Content + Structure = Activity. A lesson plan is a series of activities so we learn how to identify the best structure to reach each mini-objective in a lesson. (For this reason, two days of Kagan Cooperative Learning is a prerequisite.) Beyond content–structure matching, we focus on best use of time, management, materials, and supplemental sources of content. You come away with a great lesson plan, but more importantly, you leave empowered to apply proven, powerful lesson planning techniques to every lesson.
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  • $229

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  • Make Every lesson more engaging and memorable
  • Follow the roadmap to lesson design success
  • Know which Kagan Structures to use when
  • Work with collegues to master lesson planning
  • Create powerful activities—effortlessly
  • Align your lessons with core objectives
  • Make lesson planning fun!
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  • Kagan Lesson Planning Course Workbook
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