Summer Academy 2019

July 8-19 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

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Required Prerequisite:
Minimum first 2 days of Kagan Cooperative Learning
prior to March 2019.

How to Apply

The demands of leadership are more challenging in this era than at any time in our past. Today's leaders are still expected to fulfill traditional job responsibilities (e.g., managing facilities, overseeing budgets, dealing with the public). However, new pressures now face instructional leaders as they strive to close the achievement gap that exists in schools across the country. This five-day institute has been created for leaders who have embraced the challenge of engaging ALL students. Explore qualities and skill sets of effective leadership. Gain a broader and deeper understanding of the basic principles of cooperative learning. Learn tools that can be used to systematically lead a school or district toward increasing achievement of all children. Topics that will be addressed during the course of the academy include the following: implementation rubrics, Structure-A-Month Clubs, walk-through observations, parent education, formal support systems, policy development, lesson planning, and barriers to implementation. Training staff members is a necessary first step. However, implementing systemic measures to ensure teachers successfully implement training in the classroom is critical to school improvement. Learn how to lead your staff so that engagement of all students becomes a reality. WS# 27890

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  • Explore various “systems” needed to provide an infrastructure of support for implementation
  • Reflect on leadership principles that lead to student achievement
  • Walk away with tools you can use to enhance implementation efforts
  • Delve deeper into issues that impact student engagement
  • Dialogue and network with leaders who are seeking to make every child active in the classroom
  • Know what to look for when analyzing student engagement in the classroom
  • Become an instructional leader, ready to support your staff on their journey toward engagement of all students
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  • Graphic Organizers SmartCard
  • Instructional Leadership Academy Course Workbook
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