Summer Academy 2019

July 8-19 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

Bookmark and ShareInstructional Coaching: Powerful Coaching Techniques for Coaching Any Content! July 15-16, 2019

If you coach any type of instruction, this is the course for you! You will work side-by-side with your colleagues to master the two sides to effective coaching: 1) Establishing the relationship that opens teachers to constructive input, and 2) Training critical teaching skills. You master specific ways to support and encourage your teachers, establish a same-side relationship based on trust and credibility. In addition, you master specific coaching skills applicable to any content: How and when to 1) intervene and/or model; 2) increase formative assessment; 3) align techniques to targets; 4) help teachers acquire powerful communication tactics; 5) manage time; 6) provide powerful, motivating, reflective feedback; and 7) assess which management techniques to share. Whether you are new to instructional coaching, or a seasoned coach, you will up your coaching game tremendously and have fun in the process!

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  • Master coaching skills A to Z
  • Radically transform the coaching process
  • Have teachers begging for more coaching
  • Know what to coach and what not to coach
  • Work with colleges from around the world
  • Train critical teaching skills regardless of content
  • Become the coach of your dreams
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