Summer Academy 2019

July 8-19 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

Bookmark and ShareForeign Language: Kagan Structures for Interaction, Comprehension, and Fluency! July 13-14, 2019 All Grades

In many foreign language classrooms, students learn about a foreign language, but they don't actually acquire it. Fluency develops when students have multiple opportunities to use the language in meaningful ways. In this eye-opening 2-day workshop, you learn practical teaching tools to dramatically increase both language production and meaningful language input. You create full language engagement in a cooperative, communicative, and supportive context. Kagan Structures allow a safe context for language learning, multiply opportunities for language production, and increase the amount of comprehensible input. Within this context your students show remarkable acceleration of receptive and productive language skills. As you revitalize your teaching through easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Kagan Structures, your students develop increased fluency—they not only learn about the language, they acquire the language. WS# 27911

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  • Promote fluency by allowing students to practice speaking in the safety of their teams
  • Use interactive structures to practice grammar and mechanics
  • Energize your class as students quiz each other on essential vocabulary and concepts
  • Improve grammar accuracy with practice structures to build language mastery
  • Use reading comprehension strategies so students read with understanding
  • Enhance students’ ability to write with clarity and accuracy
  • Use activities that empower students to use the target language in a functional way
  • Boost speaking and listening skills with frequent student-to-student interaction
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  • Foreign Language Fluency Course Workbook
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