Summer Academy 2021

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The Dynamic Trainer

Turbocharge Your Presentations!

July 6-10, 2020 School & Corporate Trainers

Sorry, this event has been CANCELLED!
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Note: Please be aware that this workshop does not qualify you to become a Kagan trainer.

Why has Laurie Kagan's Dynamic Trainer course become one of the most popular courses ever offered by Kagan? Education and business trainers rave about Laurie's fresh, dynamic approach to training adults. Must-know training concepts and techniques are interwoven with dozens of Kagan Structures so you create unforgettable trainings every time. Expect to be physically engaged and mentally stimulated throughout this high-powered session. Regardless of what you train, this workshop empowers you to create dynamic presentations based on multiple intelligences, brain-compatible learning, and cooperative learning. Your participants will have more fun, learn more, and remember more of what you have to share. If you're a professional trainer, come sharpen your skills. If you're an aspiring trainer, come learn the tricks of the trade. WS# 30331


  • Get your training off to the right start
  • Learn how to manage for success and handle difficult adults
  • Be the best trainer you can be
  • Use red-hot reviews to make learning stick
  • Discover the tips and tricks of successful trainers
  • Capture attention and keep your audience riveted throughout
  • Wrap it up right with wonderful wraps

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