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July 8-19 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

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Sorry, this event has been CANCELLED!
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Required Prerequisites: Cooperative Learning Level I and Brain-Friendly Teaching Level II
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Step it up to the next level! This action-packed, high-energy workshop is the perfect next step for teachers having success with Kagan Structures. Discover 25 powerful new structures to add to your toolbox. Explore “hot-off-the-press” structures that boost achievement, enhance thinking, save time, and release total engagement! Use structure sequences to move from activities to multi-structural lessons. Use structures to integrate cooperative learning, brain-based learning, and multiple intelligences. Discover more Kagan Structures to create more engagement and success! WS# 27886


  • Add more powerful Kagan Structures to your teaching toolbox
  • Learn new Teambuilding and Classbuilding activities to make your class click
  • Take away 5 tools for social skills development and how to address individual challenges
  • Avoid common errors even experienced teachers make when implementing Kagan Structures
  • Receive more tips for managing your highly-engaging, highly-interactive classroom
  • Expose yourself to Kagan's six simple principles to make teaching even more brain-friendly
  • Experience more Silly Sports and Goofy Games your students will love

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