Kagan Workshops

Structures for Cooperative Learning™

2-Day Workshop

Boost academic achievement with Kagan Structures: simple, research-based instructional strategies that make learning more active and interactive. You learn easy ways to use Kagan Structures as a part of every lesson, creating greater engagement, deeper understanding of the content, improved retention and greater liking for class and content. You master the Seven Keys to Cooperative Learning including Team Formation, Building Will, Management Techniques, Embedded Social Skills, PIES Principles, and Structures! If you want more fun in teaching, highly engaged students who love your classroom, and elevated test scores this workshop is for you!

You Will Learn

    Learn Kagan Structures for Success
  • Put the best research to practice in your classroom
  • Use cutting-edge structures that promote success
  • Boost your students' achievement through proven, fun, motivating activities
  • Spice up your existing lessons with new, engaging structures that make learning come alive
  • Make learning more fun for you—and your students
  • Develop Your Students' Social Skills
  • Teach social skills in four easy steps
  • Watch as your students work well together
  • Help your students develop life-long social skills
  • Practice positive social skills every day without taking time away from learning
  • Promote positive behavior; prevent negative behavior
  • Create a Cooperative, Caring Class
  • Create a positive classroom environment
  • Turn your classroom into a place where everyone wants to be—including you
  • Improve your students' liking for school, class, and each other, with classbuilding activities
  • Make every day a rewarding experience
  • Teach your students to care
  • Improve the Learning in Your Class
  • Boost your students' test scores
  • Breathe life into your curriculum
  • Make learning a fun and active process in your class
  • Use classroom-proven structures to teach your curriculum more successfully
  • Ensure success for all your students
  • Promote higher-level thinking with any curriculum
  • Manage Your Class for Success
  • Create order, cooperation, and respect—easily
  • Learn Hot Tips to prevent management problems in your classroom
  • Organize your class to ensure student success
  • Save valuable time with practical management ideas
  • Solve discipline problems in your classroom
  • Turn around your problem students
  • Spend more time on learning and less on managing
  • Build Powerful Learning Teams
  • Build successful cooperative teams every time
  • Take advantage of the power of teamwork
  • Save time with easy team-formation tips
  • Create powerful learning teams in your class with teambuilding activities
  • Keep teams together for the optimum time
  • Give your students a skill they will need throughout life—working together successfully

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