Kagan Professional Development Options in the Era of COVID-19

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Please contact the Kagan Partnership Team to inquire about these training opportunities, or for any questions about Professional Development for your school or district during the era of COVID-19:

Kagan Professional Development has developed and adapted numerous trainings during the era of COVID 19:

In-Person Workshops

Kagan offers its workshops modified for physical distance as well as regular workshops where it is safe for small group gatherings. Click here to see all workshops open for registration. Submit an Inquiry online to learn how to bring Kagan to your school or district.

Live Online Workshops

Online workshops are conducted live by a Kagan Master Trainer over Zoom.

Total Student Engagement through Zoom: Make Distance Learning Come Alive!

Use simple Kagan Structures on Zoom to create total student engagement. This 4-hour Live Online workshop is ideal for teachers new to Kagan and/or Zoom. Come join us and experience what successful online learning looks like, what it feels like, and how to make it a reality for your students! Click here for more info and dates.

Classroom Adaptations for COVID-19: Enhancing Student Engagement and Safety

For those of you returning to campus full-time or part-time, this 3-hour Live Online workshop is for you. We have had numerous requests from educators on how to address the COVID-19 issue in a cooperative classroom. In this training, we focus on how to adapt Kagan Structures and methods to reap the benefits of Kagan while maintaining physical distance. Learn tips to keep students interacting as safely as possible. Click here for more info and dates.

Adapting Kagan for Distance Learning: Creating Full Student Engagement Online

This 4-hour Live Online workshop was developed at the request of educators who will have distance learning as part of their instructional mix. This workshop focuses on how to adapt Kagan Structures and methods to create more engagement online. Take the “distance” out of distance learning. Click here for more info and dates.

Cooperative Learning Live Online

This is Kagan’s world-famous training offered Live Online. Get a taste of Kagan with a one-day training or deepen your skills with all 5-days of this program. The focus of the training is Kagan Structures—highly interactive team, class, and pair instructional strategies. Kagan Structures and methods are a research-based and classroom-proven approach to boosting student learning, increasing active engagement, preventing bullying, and improving student social skills and relations.

More Live Online Workshop Topics

Many favorite Kagan workshops are now available in the Live Online format, including: Win-Win Discipline, Structures for Little Ones, Transform Your High-Risk Classroom, and more! Click Here to see all Live Online workshops open for registration or to host for teachers at your school or district.

Kagan Support Session for Leaders: Addressing the COVID-19 and Race Relations Crises

For administrators and leaders, we have developed a special 1-hour support session addressing the COVID-19 crisis as well as the ongoing race relations crisis. This is a FREE Live Online workshop for all school leaders. Click here to see upcoming dates.

More Professional Development Offerings

Kagan Structures onDemand

Master 14 favorite Kagan Structures online with this video-based training. A subscription to this program includes 100s of videos designed to help teachers master structures. It includes step-by-step instruction, videos of the structures in action across the grades and subject levels, and tips from Kagan experts. This is a great follow-up and support resource to in-person or Live Online training by Kagan. School site licenses are available. Click here to subscribe or to learn more.

Leadership Planning Session

If your school or districts is widely implementing Kagan, you may have some specific concerns or questions unique to your situation. We are offering a FREE planning session with your leadership team via Zoom. To schedule your planning session, please submit your request using Kagan’s web Inquiry Form.