Graduate Courses

In association with colleges and universities around the United States, Kagan Professional Development offers graduate credit courses in Cooperative Learning, Multiple Intelligences, and Win-Win Discipline (Win-Win Discipline only offered in Michigan). These courses are conveniently scheduled both during the school year over two or more weekends and for one week during the summer. Instructors for the courses are personally trained by Dr. Spencer Kagan and Laurie Kagan and participants consistently rate the courses as among the best they have taken. Strategies taught in these graduate courses work immediately to dramatically improve classroom instruction.

Graduate Courses

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Cooperative Learning

The Kagans have a unique approach to cooperative learning. Rather than complex lessons, projects, centers, and theme units, the Kagans focus on simple co-op structures, strategies you can learn today and use tomorrow — and for a lifetime. The Kagan structures are tools to use as part of any lesson to create greater learning and greater love of learning. This graduate course provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of cooperative learning.

You Will Learn...
Structures for Success™
  • Put the best research into practice in your classroom
  • Use cutting-edge structures that promote success
  • Boost your students' achievement through practical, classroom-proven structures
  • Make your lessons come alive
  • Use strategies to reach all your students
  • Make learning more fun for everyone
Improve Your Class Climate
  • Create a caring, cooperative classroom through energizing classbuilding activities
  • Foster belonging for students of all ability levels
  • Have fun with your students with indoor and outdoor cooperative sports and games
  • Promote full-class cooperation with scoring and recognition systems
  • Establish a classroom environment where everyone wants to be—including you
Manage Your Class for Success
  • Make your room run smoothly, and your teaching day go easier with ‘Hot Tips'
  • Engage students and avoid classroom disruptions
  • Turn around your difficult students
  • Go home with more energy after each day
  • Reduce discipline problems
  • Save time with proven management ideas
  • Arrange your class to maximize success
Build Your Students' Social Skills
  • Teach your students the skills they really need to succeed in school and throughout their lives
  • Promote caring, kindness, empathy, respect, and responsibility without separate lessons
  • Develop your students' character in the context of learning together
  • Improve student relations in your class and beyond
Form Successful Learning Teams
  • Create and manage teams in your class where Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Learn a better approach than simple group work
  • Transform your lessons into engaging, interactive learning events that guarantee success
  • Release the power of true cooperative learning
  • Apply the ‘6 Keys' to make it work for you
Supercharge Learning
  • Motivate your students to learn even the boring stuff, with structures that work
  • Watch your students delve deeper into the curriculum than you ever thought possible
  • Enhance your students' mastery and achievement
  • Implement incredible memory techniques
  • Generate higher-level thinking among all students
You Will Receive...
  • 3 units of graduate credit that may be used for certificate renewal, salary advancement, or Master's degree requirements
  • Dr. Spencer Kagan's Cooperative Learning book
  • Cooperative Learning course workbook

Multiple Intelligences

The Kagans' have created multiple intelligences structures you will use immediately to improve achievement, develop the intelligences, engage reluctant students, and boost self-understanding and self-esteem. This graduate-level course is a comprehensive introduction to all facets of multiple intelligences, including the visions for education which spring from the theory, authentic MI assessment, and dozens and dozens of the revolutionary Kagan MI Structures to use as part of any lesson.

You Will Learn...
Create an MI Classroom
  • Learn how your students are smart in eight ways
  • Use MI to better reach and teach all your students
  • Recognize your own pattern of intelligences
  • Stretch your teaching to stretch students' minds
  • Engage your students' smarts through MI centers, decorations, field trips, lessons, theme units, and the world-famous Kagan structures
  • Make learning more fun for everyone
Supercharge Learning
  • Make your curriculum accessible to all your students with all patterns of intelligences
  • Use MI lessons and activities to make your content more engaging and exciting
  • Boost learning by reaching students through their natural strengths
  • Release your students' hidden potential
  • Learn structures to help your students become smarter in many ways
Learn Structures for MI
  • Take home cutting-edge, practical Structures for MI to promote success in your classroom
  • Receive step-by-step instructions for each structure
  • Make all your lessons come alive for all learners with classroom-proven Structures for MI
  • Use powerful MI structures like Kinesthetic Symbols, Team Chants, Visualize Share, Visual/Spatial Mind Mapping, and many more
Become an MI Expert
  • Explore MI theory and practice in-depth
  • Discover a new, re-energizing way to look at yourself and your students
  • Participate in fun activities to use with your students
  • Experience an entire day of hands-on activities
  • Learn to ask not how smart your students are, but rather how they're smart
  • Engage all learners with all intelligences
Plan & Assess for Success
  • Save planning time with easy-to-use structures
  • Create ‘unforgettable' MI lessons
  • Use fun and easy activities to engage your students' multiple intelligences and skyrocket learning
  • Spice up your existing lessons with MI
  • Avoid common MI testing pitfalls
  • Create meaningful, authentic MI assessment
Improve Your Classroom Climate
  • Use MI to create a caring environment where students are appreciated for their uniqueness
  • Boost students' self-esteem and learning
  • Improve student relations with MI
  • Prepare your students with diversity skills
  • Give all your students the opportunity to show how smart they really are
  • Successfully manage your MI classroom
You Will Receive...
  • 3 units of graduate credit that may be used for certificate renewal, salary advancement, or Master's degree requirements
  • Dr. Spencer Kagan and Miguel Kagan's Multiple Intelligences: The Complete MI Book
  • Multiple Intelligences course workbook

Win-Win Discipline

(Win-Win Discipline only offered in Michigan)

You Will Learn...
Solve Your Daily Discipline Problems
  • Boost your confidence in knowing how to handle all the types of disruptions you face
  • Learn effective strategies for today's students
  • Promote responsible behavior in your classroom
  • Understand why your students feel a need to misbehave and how to satisfy their needs
  • Create a comprehensive discipline approach
Know Why Your Students Misbehave
  • Identify when your students are seeking attention or avoiding failure and learn what to do about it
  • Know when your students are venting anger and how to respond appropriately
  • Channel your overly energetic students' disruptive behavior into productive learning
  • Actively engage your disengaged, bored students
  • Identify when students are seeking control, and learn how to give them a sense of control
Know Just What to Do When a Student...
  • Displays aggressive behavior toward another student
  • Becomes confrontational with you
  • Breaks the rules
  • Withdraws
  • Constantly clowns around and distracts your class
Make Teaching Fun & Rewarding
  • Focus on teaching and learning, not on managing and disciplining your students
  • Make the most of your time in class
  • Create a safe, comfortable place to learn
  • Feel rewarded after each day, not stressed out
  • Don't let disruptions drag everyone down
  • Make your class a non-threatening, fun place to be
Use Successful Intervention Strategies
  • Learn nonverbal, verbal, and action strategies for intervening with each type of disruption
  • Learn the 7 ‘best-ever' discipline strategies
  • Know when to use each strategy, and when to avoid a strategy that will backfire
  • Lead students from disruptive behavior to positive positions
Prevent Disruptions for Good
  • Select appropriate long-term interventions to prevent disruptions in your class
  • Balance the Big 3 in your classroom—curriculum, instruction, and management
  • Examine your leadership and relationship style
  • Incorporate individual encouragements
  • Create a positive classroom community
  • Establish alliances with parents and community
You Will Receive...
  • Three Graduate Credits which may be used for certificate renewal, salary advancement, or Master's degree requirements
  • Dr. Spencer Kagan's Win-Win Discipline book
  • Win-Win Discipline course workbook

For questions about any of these graduate courses, please call Kagan Professional Development at 1 (800) 266-7576, extension 346.