Kagan Live Online: Kagan Cooperative Learning, Day 1

Kagan Structures for Engagement and Achievement!

August 22, 2024 in Web-based, Open Registration

(For Educators of Grades K–12)
Workshop #40468

Live Online Format

This workshop is an online version of Kagan’s signature training, Kagan Live Online: Kagan Cooperative Learning. Course materials are sent in advance, to be distributed to participants. The training is conducted live by a Kagan Master Trainer over Zoom. Participants join the workshop using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. The interactive instructional strategies taught are for teachers to implement during classroom instruction, when it is safe to return to school. Participants learn dozens of structures to boost engagement and learning for every student, every lesson.
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The event time is:
7:00am-2:00pm Pacific
8:00am-3:00pm Mountain
9:00am-4:00pm Central
10:00am-5:00pm Eastern

Check-in: 10 minutes prior to start time

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Workshop Description

Bully Prevention Workshop

Motivate and reach your most reluctant learners and enhance achievement of all learners with research proven, brain-friendly instructional strategies! Secondary and elementary teachers alike will increase engagement, boost test scores, and reduce the achievement gap. Build powerful learning teams in your classroom and use proven Kagan methods for team formation, management, thinking skills, presentation skills, and decision making. Teambuilding, classbuilding, communication skills, and social skills strategies provide social-emotional learning while delivering academic content. Join us to fill your toolbox with easy-to-use, full-engagement strategies that enhance student engagement and achievement. Teachers report the strategies immediately transform their teaching and accelerate student learning.

Workshop Details


Thu, August 22, 2024


Time: 9:00am-4:00pm Central Time
Check In: 10 minutes prior to start time

Workshop #


Workshop Highlights

  • See why group work simply doesn’t work for everyone, and why Kagan Structures do
  • Master the different types of pairs and teams, how to form them, and when to use them
  • Boost student learning and engagement with these powerful, proven strategies
  • Provide students the will to work together and the skills to do so successfully
  • Learn ten hot management tips to implement like a pro
  • Prevent bullying, violence, and discipline problems
    create a cooperative, caring classroom
  • Pump up the fun, friendships, and liking for learning and each other, foster a full-inclusion class

Free Kagan Materials

With your attendance, you will receive:

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Bonus Materials

In addition, receive the following materials at a discount (available only to participants of this workshop) by ordering the Bonus Materials package at the same time that you register for this workshop:

  1. Classbuilding Book
  2. Cooperative Learning SmartCard
  3. Selector Spinner
  4. Teambuilding Book
  5. TeamMats Class Set: ManageMats & Fan-N-Pick Mats
  6. TeamTools Software

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Rave Reviews...

“I really feel excited about teaching again after taking the Kagan Live Online PD. The tools of shaping the structure for collaborative learning are exactly what I needed.”
Edna Briseno 2nd grade Hawaiian Avenue STEAM Magnet.
“The PD was great! Totally worth attending. Showed me that Kagan strategies are possible not only in person but online as well!”
Denise Zendejas 6/7 Special Education Teacher
“After this online training, I realized the potential to get every student engaged! Such easy, FUN strategies to use!”
Ann Ostroff 3rd grade Teacher

“I enjoyed this online session as much as I enjoyed the one in-person! I'm already planning the strategies I'll be using with my seventh and eighth grades when we go back to school! Thank you!”
Lilian Bercowsky, ELD / Spanish Teacher
“Everyone should receive training on the Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures. Kagan provides the research-based strategies that will keep students engaged while learning in a fun and meaningful way. The Live Online PD was awesome!”
Rosalinda Aguilar, 1st Grade Teacher
“One of the most hands on PDs I have ever experienced! We were put in roles of both the educator and the student! Best way to learn and practice.”
Ashley Lipkins Scott, 7th grade Teacher
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