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For Secondary Math, Day 1,2,3 (Orlando, Florida)

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What's Included

Cooperative Learning & Mathematics

Cooperative Learning & Mathematics Book

High School Activities

Finally. A cooperative learning book specifically for high school mathematics teachers. Includes a rich array of activities for all levels of high school mathematics. You receive half a dozen Kagan cooperative learning structures: Line-Ups, Mix Pair RallyCoach, Mix-N-Match, Inside-Outside Circle, RallyCoach, RoundTable. For each structure you receive numerous activities and blackline masters for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. Activities for fractions, geometry definitions, graphs, probability, algebraic expressions, word problems, slope, angle, proofs, equations, functions, parabolas, and much, much more. Nearly 300 activities in all! Your students will work together successfully with these proven cooperative structures. Working together, your students enjoy math more and learn more. 420 pages.

Numbered Heads Together™ Software

Numbered Heads Together™ Software

The Quiz Show Review Game for Teams

Students love game show reviews. And students love teamwork. We've put them together in this game show software that your students will ask for time and again! You simply type or paste in your questions or problems for any subject and you're ready to play. It's so easy to use, you can set up a game in just minutes, plus you can save all your games to play next period, next year, or as a refresher next week. You can use just about any type of questions: worksheet problems, review questions, test prep questions, or you can even play with thinking or trivia questions. The game leads teams through Numbered Heads Together, a longtime favorite cooperative learning review structure designed to promote teamwork and accountability for every student. Students put their "heads together" so everyone on the team can answer for the team. And because any student can be picked at any time to share the team's answer, everyone must keep tuned in to every question or problem. Unlike other review games, with Numbered Heads Together you're confident that every student is actively engaged and that everyone is learning. Put the excitement of a quiz show together with the best of instruction and you will transform any review session into a power-packed learning experience. For PC & Mac.

SelectorTools™ Software

SelectorTools™ Software

Keep everyone actively involved! Click a button to randomly select a student in the class by name. Spin a spinner to pick which teammate will share the team's answer. Roll a die to pick a student on each team to go first. Press Go and randomly select the next team to present. SelectorTools offers 15 attractive selectors: No Repeat Selector, Color Selector, Color Spinner, Name Selector, Next Team, Number Selector, Partner Picker Spinner, Role Assigner, Role Timer, Roll the Die, Student Selector Spinner, Student & Team Selector Spinners, Team Selector Spinner, Team Sequencer, and Who's Up? This collection of selectors will give you the tools you need to crank-up active engagement. Instead of calling on one student at a time, pick one student in each pair or team to answer or perform. With random selectors, anyone can be picked at any time, so tuning out is not an option. Pump up the interaction in your classroom and keep everyone involved. Selecting students and teams has never been so fun or easy. For PC and Mac.


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