Kagan Coaching, Days 1 & 2

A Revolutionary Approach to Ensure Implementation!

September 20–21, 2022 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky

(For Educators of Grades K-12)
Support your teachers as they implement Kagan Structures in their own classrooms. This workshop is designed for administrators, staff trainers, mentors, and site-level leaders. You'll learn Kagan's breakthrough approach to coaching. Through working with thousands of teachers, Kagan has developed a revolutionary coaching method that transforms the implementation of Cooperative Learning Structures and boosts student outcomes. Rather than giving feedback out of context after a lesson, Kagan Coaching offers specific and immediate feedback as teachers teach. Boost teacher accountability and the fidelity of implementation with this safe and supportive approach to coaching. Note: Kagan Coaching is not permitted for service centers or for-profit coaching.
Required Pre-requisites:
  • Kagan Structures Level I completed at least six months prior
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Workshop Info


Elizabethtown Board Of Education
219 Helm St
Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701-1511

Date and Time

September 20–21, 2022
Check In: 8:00am
Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Workshop #

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Workshop Highlights

  • Review structure steps and key coaching tips for each structure
  • Learn strategies to support teachers “in-the-moment”
  • Explore key steps to providing quality feedback
  • Compare Kagan coaching with traditional coaching models
  • Practice coaching in a safe environment
  • Support teachers throughout various stages of implementation
  • Identify ways to support lesson planning
  • Learn the five steps to successful implementation

Rave Reviews

“Great! Just what I was looking for. Loved the role playing section. It was great practice and I love to see the structures modeled as well. Loved it! I feel well prepared to bring this back to my staff!”
Sheela Hull, K-5 Principal
“Very relevant and effective. I couldn't have coached effectively without this training.”
Gayle Robinson, Teacher
“Kagan Coaching is a vital part of Kagan. As an administrator this helps me understand the big picture and shape our district vision. Excited for the next steps.”
Christine Wells, Assistant Director For Learning

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