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Adapting Kagan for Distance Learning: Creating Full Student Engagement Online

August 3, 2020 in Web-based, Open Registration, -Live Online

(For Educators of Grades K-12)

Distance learning, remote teaching, virtual learning—whatever you want to call it—was a disaster for many teachers and students! This fall and beyond, most schools will be relying on distance learning either full-time or part-time. It doesn’t have to be a disaster again!

If you were using Kagan Structures before the pandemic, you know the power of student interaction to boost student engagement, achievement, and liking for class and content. The same is true online! Distance learning doesn’t have to be so boring and feel so… well… distant.

Workshop Description...

Applying what you learn in this 4-hour Live Online workshop, your online teaching will come alive. Learn how to form base teams, random teams, and pairs to maximize student interaction and learning. See how you can adapt Kagan Structures like the RoundRobin family, Quiz-Quiz-Trade, Three-Step Interview, and more for full student engagement. Create a supportive context for learning with Teambuilding. Implement online Classbuilding activities to help students feel more connected to their classmates. Learn essential online management skills like how to check in on your breakout teams and how students can alert you when they need help. At a time when physical distance is necessary, social interaction and support are more necessary than ever. Students remember dramatically more of what is said in interaction than what the teacher says. Academic achievement accelerates. Students actually look forward to their online classes as an opportunity to interact with classmates and teammates.

Required Pre-requisites:
  • Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1 or equivalent
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Mon, August 3, 2020


Time: 8:30am - 12:30pm Central Time
Check In: 8:20am

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Workshop Highlights

  • Form random teams, base teams, and pairs and know when and how to use each
  • Come away with management tips including managing chats, attendance, and screen sharing
  • Supercharge breakout rooms to maximize engagement and learning
  • Adapt your favorite Kagan Structures and methods to use online
  • Compatible with most video chat software like Zoom and Google Hangouts
  • Replace students’ feeling of isolation with a sense of connection and belonging
  • Increase your tech skills and online teaching skills
  • Works for most major hardware including PC, Mac, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets
  • Have students come alive interacting with classmates over the content

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Rave Reviews...

“After this online training, I realized the potential to get every student engaged! Sucheasy, FUN strategies to use!”
Ann Ostroff 3rd grade Teacher
“I enjoyed this online session as much as I enjoyed the one in-person! I’m already planning the strategies I’ll be using with my seventh and eighth grades when we go back to school! Thank you!”
Lilian Bercowsky, ELD/ Spanish Teacher
“The PD was great! Totally worth attending. Showed me that Kagan strategies are possible not only in person but online as well!”
Denise Zendejas, 6-7th Grade Special Education Teacher

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