Presented by Dr. Spencer Kagan!

Emotion-Friendly Teaching, Days 1 & 2

Accelerating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)!

March 23–24, 2020 in Tallahassee, Florida

Dr. Spencer Kagan has just completed his newest book: Emotion-Friendly Teaching. In this high intensity workshop, Dr. Kagan leads you through the two sides of emotion-friendly teaching: 1) Eliciting the ten positive emotions, and 2) Teaching students to know and manage their emotions. You receive the powerful Kagan Emotion Wheel that allows students to locate themselves and move in emotional space. You will use the emotion wheel to foster the four dimensions of emotional intelligence: Self-Knowledge, Self-Control, Self-Motivation, and Empathy. Using the emotion wheel, students are empowered. They are no longer controlled by their emotions; they know their emotions and know how to move to more positive states. By the way, understanding the emotion wheel empowers teachers to better know their students, their significant others, and themselves!

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As an Emotion-Friendly Teacher, You Will:

  • Strengthen Memory
  • Increase Motivation
  • Amplify Relevance
  • Enhance Meaning
  • Raise Test Scores
  • Improve Thinking
  • Broaden Perception
  • Boost Problem Solving
  • Expand Creativity
  • Elevate IQ + EQ!

Free Book and Poster!

Emotion-Friendly Teaching

Accelerating Social-Emotonal Learning (SEL)!
Dr. Spencer Kagan

Spencer has done it again! He’s written another must-have reference for all educators. Dr. Kagan has translated the enormous field of theory and research on emotions into a practical guide any teacher can use to make their teaching more emotion-friendly. Not only does he review the extensive research on how eliciting positive emotions boosts student achievement, Spencer provides plenty of do’s and don’ts, ready-to-use student activities, and simple tips to put students in the optimal emotional states for learning. Dr. Kagan introduces us to the Emotion Wheel, a student-friendly way to help our students understand and manage their own emotions. We not only learn why EQ can be more important than IQ to students’ success, Dr. Kagan provides a practical guide to developing the facets of EQ, including student self-knowledge, self-control, motivation, and empathy. And last, but definitely not least, you learn how to evoke emotion when you teach to make learning more meaningful and memorable. This book is your blueprint for creating the emotion-friendly classroom. 440 pages. Click here to learn more.

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Leon County Schools-Professional Learning
3955 W Pensacola St
Tallahassee, Florida 32304-2837

Date and Time

March 23–24, 2020
Check In: 8:00am
Time: 8:30am-3:45pm

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Bonus Materials

In addition, receive the following materials at a discount (available only to participants of this workshop) by ordering the Bonus Materials package at the same time that you register for this workshop:

  1. Character Education
  2. Character Education SmartCard
  3. Developing Character Higher-Level Thinking Questions Book
  4. Emotional Intelligence SmartCard
  5. Personal & Social Skills Higher-Level Thinking Questions Book

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Rave Reviews

“I’m always impressed when such highly intelligent people can deliver complex information in a way anyone can comprehend.”
Lisa Keen, 3rd Grade Teacher
“Super powerful information that I wish I had learned years ago when I was in college preparing to become a teacher.”
Sascha Smith, 5th Grade Teacher
“Inspiring, motivating, supportive.”
Sarah Rouse, 10-11th Grade Physics/Science Teacher

“This workshop was extremely valuable. The connection with EQ and success in the classroom and in life is powerful.”
Heather Brown, 6-8th Grade Science Teacher

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