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Reality Reading
Engaging Students in Information Texts

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Reading Comprehension Learning Chips
Boost interaction. Boost learning. Learning Chips will have your class humming with interaction. Includes 16 attractive, durable plastic chips. Each team lays a set of chips question-side down on their desk. One student picks a chip and reads the question. All teammates take a turn responding. The next student picks the next chip and all teammates respond. Learning Chips are a terrific way to get students interacting over the learning topic! Just place a set of chips at a team table and let the non-stop discussion begin. They run themselves as a center. Chips are also great for whole-class activities. Give each student one chip. Have them mix, pair, and ask a partner the question on their chip. They trade chips and find new partners to question. Questions to critically review any reading and to develop effective reading skills. Class set of 8.

Question Spinners
Each team receives their own colorful Question Spinners. A teammate gives the spinners a whirl and randomly generates one of 36 possible question starters across the levels of thinking—"What Is?," "How Might?," "What Would?," and "Why Can?" Use the Question Spinners before a lesson to have students generate questions about what they want to learn, during a lesson to create thinking about the content, and after the lesson for reflection on what was learned. Students are so absorbed asking and answering their own questions that you are free to circulate from team to team for authentic assessment. Spanish version also available. Includes class set of eight spinners and storage pack.

Portraits of Character, Book One
Claudia Cangilla McAdam et al. (Grades 3–8)
Develop your students' character through positive role models. In this two book, there are 24 reproducible stories of people who exemplify positive character attributes. Some stories are about well-known individuals, celebrated for their positive contributions to others, to society, and to the world. Many stories focus on everyday heroes: ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. People who rise to the occasion. People who sacrifice personal safety for the sake of others or dedicate their lives to a worthy cause. Both celebrities and everyday heroes serve as positive role models for students. Each portrait includes a teacher guide that highlights the desirable traits, including thinking questions and writing ideas about the story and character. 148 pages.

Instant Engagement: Pair Structures Software
Create engagement—instantly! Just add your own questions. Using game-like structures, Instant Engagement leads you and your students through step-by-step instructional strategies for review, thinking and discussion, idea generation, and problem solving. Each program includes three structures designed to cover the range of classroom objectives. Good teaching is a snap! Whether you know and love Kagan Structures or you're just looking for a way to step up student engagement in your class, you now have the perfect tools to engage every student, every time.