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Refining & Expanding Vocabulary

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Vocabulary Learning Cubes
Learning Cubes are squishably soft and quiet-to-roll 3-inch foam cubes. On each of the six sides of the cube is a different student question or activity prompt. The best part about them is they can be used over and over again with any new topic you're studying. Your students use the Vocabulary Cube for learning any new vocabulary words. They roll the Story Elements cube to examine any story's elements. You'll be amazed how useful these cubes are. Your students will love rolling these cubes to interact over the subject matter. Class set of 8.


Higher-Level Thinking: Vocabulary
Question Cards

Your students just finish reading a book, are ready to start writing, are studying a historical character, or are about to explore a science topic. Each team pulls out their own set of Question Cards and works to ask and answer questions guaranteed to get them thinking critically and creatively about the content! You and your students will love using these popular open-ended higher level thinking question cards. Each classroom set has 16 colorful double-sided question cards for each team in your class. Includes enough cards for nine teams, full instructions and lots of great ideas for use. $5 each.