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Higher-Level Thinking

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Question Spinners
Each team receives their own colorful Question Spinners. A teammate gives the spinners a whirl and randomly generates one of 36 possible question starters across the levels of thinking—"What Is?," "How Might?," "What Would?," and "Why Can?" Use the Question Spinners before a lesson to have students generate questions about what they want to learn, during a lesson to create thinking about the content, and after the lesson for reflection on what was learned. Students are so absorbed asking and answering their own questions that you are free to circulate from team to team for authentic assessment. Spanish version also available. Includes class set of eight spinners and storage pack. 8 sets.

Felt Erasers Set of 10
Set includes ten mini felt erasers. Erasers measure 1.25" x 2.5". For use with SwitchBoards, AnswerBoards, Team Slates, or MindMats. WSER • $4

Dry Erase Markers Two Sets
Set includes four, long-lasting, easy-to-erase bullet tip dry erase markers.
For use with Kagan’s dry erase AnswerBoards and MindMats. Two sets.

Three SmartCards

Hot List! Thinking Questions SmartCard
Skyrocket critical and creative questions in your classroom with carefully crafted questions. One of the most frequent and important thing a teacher does is ask questions. In fact, teachers ask up to hundreds of questions per day. This easy-reference card is designed to help you ensure that your questions engage and develop your students' multifaceted thinking skills. It includes a discussion of fat vs. skinny questions, high-consensus vs. low-consensus questions, and true vs. review questions. It overviews the importance of critical and creative questions, and links classroom questions to developing thinking skills. Inside, you will find over 100 reusable question starters for 36 types of thinking. The question starters are great to enrich your questions and they're terrific for the student-generated questioning activities described on the back. Keep this little SmartCard handy and remember Einstein's advice, "The important thing is to never stop questioning."