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Growth Mindset

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Two Books

Appreciation Learning Chips
Create an attitude of gratitude in your classroom. Students use this chip set to drop appreciations on teammates and classmates. Appreciations include simple feel-good phrases such as: "You are awesome!," and sentence starters for students to create specific praisers such as, "Thanks a million for…." Class set of 8.

Two Poster Sets

Talking Teamwork Poster Set
Support and encourage using student teams in the classroom. Each poster set includes six colorful, extra-large 17" x 22" posters. Build team communication skills with these phrases and sentence starters your students can use during their cooperative interactions. Includes 6 posters: Praising, Paraphrasing, Disagreeing Politely, Requesting Help, Appreciating, and Hello & Goodbye.
Talking Teamwork Poster Set 2
Based on the success of the original Talking Teamwork poster set, Kagan now offers more phrases and sentence starters to improve communication skills. The sentence starters and expressions in this set will boost your students’ communication skills and help them make teamwork a success.