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Movin’ & Groovin’! 60’s Hits CD
Shake it up baby! Play the most energizing top hits from the 60's to motivate any group. You'll find all your favorites including: The Twist, Louie Louie, Shakin' All Over, and Wooly Bully. All music is by the original artists. Kagan has compiled 33 of the best tunes from this era, guaranteed to raise your classroom or training roof!
Hits Include:
• Dance With Me
• Sugar & Spice
• Shakin' All Over
• Sugar Sugar

Brain Boosters Lasting Concentration CD
Gary Lamb (All Grades)
Brain Boosters music enters your students' ears, engages their brains, and relaxes their bodies. When you play this beautiful instrumental background music, you promote the state of flow in your classroom as your students read, write, study, work on projects, and solve problems. Brain Boosters music is composed at the ideal tempo so students pay attention and keep on track. Promote a harmonious class climate. Enhance your students' performance and productivity with this brain-friendly music that helps students enter a state of relaxed alertness.