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Movin’ & Groovin’! 60’s Hits CD
Shake it up baby! Play the most energizing top hits from the 60's to motivate any group. You'll find all your favorites including: The Twist, Louie Louie, Shakin' All Over, and Wooly Bully. All music is by the original artists. Kagan has compiled 33 of the best tunes from this era, guaranteed to raise your classroom or training roof!
Hits Include:
• Dance With Me
• Sugar & Spice
• Shakin' All Over
• Sugar Sugar

Music for the Mind: Reading & Writing CD
Gary Lamb (All Grades)
Compelling brain research concludes music has the power to reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, and improve productivity and creativity. The human brain is an amazing instrument that can be tuned to perform optimally with the right kind of music. Music for the Mind™ is a collection of beautifully-orchestrated compositions that resonate with listeners of all levels, enhancing mental performance.
Ideal for...
• Reading for Comprehension
• Creative Writing
•Silent Reading
• Journaling
• Poetry

Kagan Trainer Poster Set
Use of visuals is not only important in the classroom but also in training. This poster set is a must for anyone leading Kagan Cooperative Learning training. Included are 37 posters which highlight the Structure Functions, Basic Principles, and Seven Key Concepts. Post these visuals during training sessions and/or display them in professional learning locations. Make your walls work for you to support teachers' learning. This powerful set of visuals will remind staff of foundational issues critical to the creation of a cooperative classroom.

PKST2 PKST3 PKST5 PKST4 PKST1 Kagan Structures 5 Poster Set
Each poster set includes six extra large, 17" x 22", colorful posters that illustrate Kagan's most popular structures. Kagan-approved steps for each structure are prominently displayed—a great visual reminder for you and your students. Decorate your classroom, create a structures bulletin board, or hang them on a poster rack to pull up the structure you're using. Teaching Kagan Structures to your students has never been easier!