Kagan Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Presented by Dr. Spencer Kagan

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Just before the pandemic, Dr. Spencer Kagan completed his newest book: Emotion-Friendly Instruction: Accelerating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)! The workshop tour was interrupted by Covid. Now it’s back on! Turns out, SEL has never been more important for teachers and students dealing with the aftermath of the Covid crisis.

In this empowering workshop, you will learn the research behind SEL, and more importantly structures and strategies to make your classroom more emotion-friendly. The emotion-friendly classroom is a far more effective approach for reaching the five goals of SEL. Instead of learning about positive social and emotional behaviors, students acquire these skills as part of every lesson. With SEL, students have a greater understanding of their own emotions, become more skilled controlling their impulses, are better at motivating themselves, become more empathetic, and improve their social skills and relations as they interact over the regular academic curriculum—no separate lessons are required. Explore Dr. Kagan’s groundbreaking Emotion Wheel, a visual tool to help students understand and take control of their own emotions. Harness the power of student emotions to improve every aspect of your classroom from academic success, to class management, to improved student relations.

  • Radically reduce disruptive behavior, bullying, and violence
  • Promote relationship skills and empathy
  • Leverage emotions to increase student self-motivation and achievement
  • Elicit 12 positive emotions (EPE) to improve class climate and raise students’ IQ
  • Teach students to understand and manage their emotions with the revolutionary Kagan Emotion Wheel
Workshops Coming Soon Near You! Workshops Coming Soon Near You!

Workshops Coming Soon Near You

Workshops Presented by Kagan’s Dynamic Training Team

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March 22, 2023
WS# 35463
March 27–28, 2023
WS# 34600
June 1–2, 2023
WS# 36597

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