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Click Your Way to Full Student Engagement!

On Saint Paddy’s Day, and for one week after, get $10 off Kagan’s newest software: Mix-Pair-Share! Student engagement has never been easier. You’ll lead your class step-by-step through Mix-Pair-Share and create variety with three structure options for pair sharing:

Timed Pair Share

Pair Share


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Mix-Pair-Share™ Software
Engage every student on any topic. This software helps you lead your class though Mix-Pair-Share, a simple and powerful student interaction structure. With the click of a button, you will lead students through each step: Students mix around the room. They pair up. Then, they share with their partners on the interaction question or topic. For student interaction, you have three structures to choose from: Use Timed Pair Share for open-ended discussion questions. Use Pair Share for quick responses. Use RallyRobin for exploring content with multiple ideas or answers. You can add an interaction question right before your lesson or store sets based on your lesson plans to use year after year. Software also includes three sample question sets with fun questions for classbuilding. You get all the timers, student selection prompts, and ready-to-use student responses to get this Kagan Structure right every time! EMPSRegular Price $29 – Save $10 with LUCKYME coupon!

Top Higlights
• Guide students through Mix-Pair-Share at the touch of a button
• Students mix around the room, pair up, and then share with their partners!
• Choose from 3 additional structures for student interaction!
• Add interaction questions right before your lesson or store sets to use year after year!
• Get this Kagan Structure right every time!

Please note: For those of you lucky enough to be registered for an upcoming Kagan Cooperative Learning workshop, this Mix-Pair-Share software may be included as part of your course materials. Please check your workshop flyer.

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