KAGAN & Performance Choirs

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KAGAN & Performance Choirs

Post by phutson » Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:20 am

My school is very much a Kagan school. I teach a 7/8 grade Performing Choir and want to have documentation for my Admin as to the Instructional Strategies that are in line with this type of class. I use the products and resources you have in your Cooperative Learning & Music book, as well as your basic text, in the teaching of music theory that is necessary in my program, but our Admin does not see that a performance based class is mostly just that ... performance. "Stand on the risers, and sing," just doesn't seem to them to incorporate Jot Thought, Talking Chips, Rally Robin, Quiz-Quiz-Trade, etc. Do you have something that deals specifically with the value of performing?
Thank you.

Christi Brown
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Re: KAGAN & Performance Choirs

Post by Christi Brown » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:59 pm

This is Christi Brown, co-author of the CL Music book you mentioned. I am glad that you can use the cards and questions as a resource for theory. We wanted to share some ideas with fellow musicians for those theory days or moments, but I also use structures to enhance performance. Structures allow for the practice (a term music students hear with great frequency) before the performance.
RallyRobin means we take turns talking, OR singing! Take a look at your choir rehearsal. What is your flow? What is your pattern? Mine looked similar to this: vocal warm-ups, begin a choral piece, stop, reteach a section, sing, stop, echo for a section, sing more, stop, reteach something else, ok...my favorite words, "Let's take it from the top!". Now, look at the all the stops, that's where I put a structure. Stop, turn to your partner (on the riser), RallyRobin measures 12-22, each person singing 2 measures at a time.
Or, my other favorite for performance practice, allow students to coach (listen for pitch, diction, dynamics, etc) during RallyCoach structure. During a 45 minute rehearsal, both structures take perhaps 3-5 minutes! But their learning increased at a faster rate.
I currently teach a Kagan 1-day CL for music teachers training. If you would like to email me directly, please feel free to do so! Christi@kaganonline.com
Musically yours,
Christi Brown