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Teacher & Training Tips

Taking Turns

Angela Pinkerton

To cite this article: Pinkerton, A. Taking Turns San Clemente, CA: Kagan Publishing. Kagan Online Magazine, Issue #57. www.KaganOnline.com

When it comes to a structure like RoundRobin, students need to develop the social skill of taking turns. As teachers, what can we do to help them? One of the simplest ways to develop this skill is to add a manipulative for students to pass during RoundRobin. This makes turn-taking more tangible. By passing the bean bag or plastic cup, it becomes a physical way of knowing when it will be your turn to share. As an added bonus it helps us to better monitor the structure. If a student is holding the bean bag, he or she should be talking, while the other students should be listening. As you walk around and monitor your students, you won’t have to interrupt to ask whose turn it is because you will know by looking for the manipulative. In Kindergarten they can pass a bean bag, and in a middle school math class they may pass a protractor. Think of an appropriate item you could have students pass the next time you do RoundRobin, and be prepared to be surprised at how such a little thing can make such a BIG difference!

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