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Win-Win Discipline

Strategies for All Discipline Problems

Dr. Spencer Kagan, Patricia Kyle & Sally Scott (All Grades)
Win-Win Discipline is the single most comprehensive and effective classroom discipline program available. Period. Never before has there been a more practical and powerful step-by-step approach to discipline. Win-Win seeks a higher goal than other discipline programs: The goal is not merely to end disruptions; the goal is to teach students to meet their unmet needs so they no longer need to be disruptive. With Win-Win your students win skills for a lifetime and you win the freedom to do what you do best—teach without disruptions. Look what’s inside

Win-Win Discipline 7 Poster Set

End discipline problems by teaching students how to handle themselves with grace. Win-Win Discipline identifies 7 student positions that lead to almost every disruptive classroom behavior. For example, when students are angry, they may display aggressive behavior. Each of the 7 posters features one student position and lists responsible and irresponsible behaviors. Instead of bullying others when angry, students learn to count to 10 before they react. Each poster offers multiple positive options. This poster set is a great tool for preventing discipline problems and for working with students when discipline problems do arise. Foster in your students an understanding of where their irresponsible behavior springs from, and empower them with a repertoire of responsible alternates to create win-win solutions. Look what’s inside

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Win-Win Discipline Flip Chart
Discipline issues steal class time and divert focus from learning. Dealing with problems can be a challenge, to put it lightly. With this handy flip chart, you’ll have quick access to some of the best Win-Win Discipline strategies. You’ll find 25 Moment-of-Disruption discipline strategies to help you pick the right strategy right when it happens. Plus, you get 6 great Follow-Up strategies to keep student behavior on the right track. You’ll want to keep this self-standing desk flip chart close by so you can quickly flip to winning solutions to discipline problems.Click to learn more