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December 2017

TeamTubs Class Set - Save $24!

For Kagan's December 2017 Special of the Month, receive 8 sets of TeamTubs for only $96*.
Regular price $120Save $24 • Code: CSPEC174

Manage Team Supplies with TeamTubs!
Manage Team Supplies with TeamTubs! Each TeamTub includes the following supplies for your student teams: 4 dry erase AnswerBoards, 4 color dry erase markers, 4 mini felt erasers, 4 twist-up crayons, and 1 Student Selector Spinner. Keep TeamTubs on or around each team's desk for easy access to supplies for your engaging structures, activities, and team projects.

Set Includes
• 8 TeamTubs
• 8 Student Selector Spinners
• 32 Dry erase AnswerBoards
• 32 Dry erase markers
• 32 Mini felt erasers
• 32 Twist-up crayons

TeamTubs also available individually for only $12* each. Regular price $15Save $3.

Offer expires December 31, 2017 • *Plus Shipping

AnswerBoard Class Set
Maximize engagement with one per student. Includes 32 AnswerBoards, 32 dry erase markers, and 40 mini felt erasers. Regular price $112. Combo price .
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