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Team Numbers Class Set of 10
This is a great little tool to manage student teams. Each team receives their own self-standing table tent with their unique team number. A pop-up number makes it easy for everyone to see every team’s number. You can tape them down on the team table, or leave them loose so teams can use them to visually communicate when they are busy (blue side) or done with their team task (pink side). They have so many uses in the cooperative classroom: Call on Student #3 on Team #5 to share with the class. Have Team #7 present next. Send all Student #2s to the next team to ask their new team a question… Team Numbers work great with TeamMats to manage student and team numbers. With 10 team numbers in this set, you have enough for 10 teams of four students. MNT

TeamMats Class Set of 10
10 Rotating Thinking & Rotating Review
This set of mats is great for team-based thinking and review sessions. Each team places a mat in the center of the team table. For review sessions, they flip the mat to the Rotating Review mat. The mat leads the team through a cooperative and engaging process for responding to any set of review questions. For open-ended thinking questions, the team flips the mat over to the Rotating Thinking side. Students respond to thinking questions in teams. The mats are designed to make the most of teamwork: Each student has a role with each question so every student is fully engaged. The mat is rotated after each question so every student has an equal part to play in the review and thinking sessions. Two awesome mats in one! MTM

2 Learning Chips Sets

Classbuilding Chips
Interview questions for getting to know and respect classmates. MDCB

Teambuilding Chips
Fun interview questions for getting to know and respect teammates. MDTB

2 SmartCards

Thinking Questions SmartCard
Skyrocket critical and creative questions in your classroom with carefully crafted questions. One of the most frequent and important thing a teacher does is ask questions. In fact, teachers ask up to hundreds of questions per day. This easy-reference card is designed to help you ensure that your questions engage and develop your students’ multifaceted thinking skills. It includes a discussion of fat vs. skinny questions, high-consensus vs. low-consensus questions, and true vs. review questions. It overviews the importance of critical and creative questions, and links classroom questions to developing thinking skills. Inside, you will find over 100 reusable question starters for 36 types of thinking. The question starters are great to enrich your questions and they’re terrific for the student-generated questioning activities described on the back. Keep this little SmartCard handy and remember Einstein’s advice, “The important thing is to never stop questioning.” TTQ

Communication Boosters SmartCard
Boost your students’ communication skills. Build interpersonal relations. Transform your class into a more caring community. Do it all with gambits—functional phrases that empower students to say just the right thing. Whether they’re saying hello or goodbye to teammates, disagreeing politely, asking for clarification, building creativity, or keeping the team on task, they’ll know how to say it with style. In this SmartCard, you will find over 200 gambits designed to stretch your students’ verbal/linguistic intelligence. Plus, you’ll find structures for generating, using, and sharing gambits. Watch as your students work together more harmoniously. Listen as your students become more caring, respectful, and positive. TCO

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