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Music Mix-N-Match Classroom Sets
Use exciting and involving activities to teach popular music concepts. Students move about the room trading Mix-N-Match cards until you call "Freeze." Then they find the partner with the matching card. Mix-N-Match is played over and over. An exciting and involving way to learn content and have fun. Mix-N-Match includes instructions, ideas for use, and enough cards for the entire class. $5 each.

Music Expression-N-Name XMEN
Music Note-N-Name XMNN
Music Symbol-N-Term XMST

Sara Jordan Educational Song Series CDs
Discover the fabulous educational song series by award-winning publisher/teacher Sara Jordan! Honored as one of the "10 Top Teachers" by Canadian Living magazine, Sara's unique, exciting music will have toes tapping and minds learning in no time. Students will sing themselves smart in a host of topics, including mathematics, U.S. Presidents, health, phonics, grammar, and the Internet. Songs are varied and multi-form, from acoustic to rock to rap. Voices rise and time flies when Sara's in the house! Includes lyrics and activities.

Addition Unplugged CD
DJAU2V • $20

Subtraction Unplugged CD
DJSU2V • $20

Reading Readiness Songs CD
DJFPC • $18

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