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Tools for Teaching
Video Toolbox

Fred Jones (All Grades)
Excellent for school-wide staff development. Watch Dr. Jones overview his approach to discipline, instruction, and motivation. See how skills are used in the classroom. Video toolbox includes: eight DVDs for 9.5 hours of play time, a Video Handbook with exercises, and a downloadable Tools for Teaching ebook. DVDs include an overview DVD, a coaching DVD that models skill-building exercises, and 12 video training sessions. DJTV • $795

Video Training Sessions

1) Working the Crowd and Room Arrangement
2) Praise, Prompt, and Leave
3) Visual Instructional Plans
4) Say, See, Do Teaching
5) Rules, Routines, and Standards
6) Understanding Brat Behavior

7) Calm Is Strength
8) The Body Language of Meaning Business
9) Eliminating Backtalk
10) Responsibility Training
11) Omission Training and PAT
12) Dealing with Typical Classroom Crises

What Are the Other Kids Doing
While You Teach in Small Groups

Donna Marriott (Grades 1–3)
How do you ensure that the whole class remains on task while you work with small reading groups? This resource of 30 learning centers provides the answer. Each open-ended, easy-to-store center has been designed to motivate and excite children. Packed with management strategies, assessment tools, and reproducibles, this classroom-tested program provides uninterrupted teaching time with small groups and lots of independent learning fun. 160 pages. DMWA • $20


TimerTools, TeamTools, SelectorTools, & DecisionTools Software
Use these simple, yet powerful, software programs to help you manage your classroom. Be a master time manger with TimerTools' 18 timers. Form balanced and effective teams with TeamTools. SelectorTools allows you to select students, teams, and manage student roles with ease. Ask questions and make class decisions with DecisionTools. All programs work in fullscreen mode and work well with PowerPoint®. Call for site license discounts!
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Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

PC • Mac • Interactive Whiteboard
TimerTools ETT • $29 TeamTools ETM • $29
SelectorTools EST • $29 DecisionTools ETD • $29

Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites
20 Techniques to Detour Around the Danger Zones

Marcia L. Tate (Grades K–12)
Cultivate a physical classroom environment conducive to learning. Develop a proactive classroom management plan. Deliver brain-compatible lessons. Deal with chronic behavior problems. Providing easy-to-implement strategies, this reader-friendly guide covers the use of lighting, music, humor, constructive conversations, movement, classroom rituals, and parental support to actively engage students in a positive way. 168 pages. DTSWGD2V • $34

I’m Through! What Can I Do?
Every teacher faces the problem of "fast" kids who finish their work before the others. This resource provides more than 80 creative thinking activities to keep every student's mind challenged and on task. Activities include brainteasers, logic challenges, puzzles, and much more. These ready-to-use activities are also perfect for learning centers and take-home practice. 96 pages each.

Teacher, I’m Done!
Now What Do I Do?

Grades 1–2, DSD1 • $15

I’m Through!
What Can I Do?

Grades 3–4, DSD3 • $15

I’m Through!
What Can I Do?

Grades 5–6, DSD5 • $15

More I’m Through!
What Can I Do?

Grade 1, DSD1M • $15

More I’m Through!
What Can I Do?

Grade 2, DSD2M • $15

More I’m Through!
What Can I Do?

Grade 3, DSD3M • $15

More I’m Through!
What Can I Do?

Grade 4, DSD4M • $15

More I’m Through!
What Can I Do?
Grade 6, DSD6M • $15

Management & Discipline 1 | 2 | 3