Kagan Winter Academy 2021

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Kagan Classroom Adaptations for COVID-19

Enhancing Student Engagement and Safety

February 15, 2021 (Grades K-12)

This 3-hour workshop provides in-classroom adaptations to Kagan Structures and methods for enhanced student and teacher safety in the era of COVID-19. So many teachers and schools have asked how they can adapt Kagan for social distancing. This workshop is your answer! More than ever, students will crave social interaction. Instead of “social distancing,” we encourage teachers to create social closeness, but maintain physical distance. In this Zoom workshop presented live by a Kagan professional trainer, learn how to adapt Kagan Structures and methods to maintain physical distance and minimize touching each other and shared equipment. You will review and adapt the steps of 15 Kagan Structures, so you and your students don’t skip a step when returning to school. As a bonus, given the more intense need for social bonding, we examine how Kagan Structures integrate social emotional learning (SEL) without time off academic curriculum. Make modifications and replacements to continue to reap the social and academic benefits of Kagan. WS# 31677

Required Prerequisite: Prior successful use of Kagan prior to September 2020.

Registration for this event is closed.
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  • Make up for lost time with Kagan Structures that skyrocket academic achievement
  • Provide students a cooperative and caring learning environment with powerful teambuilding and classbuilding structures
  • Experience Kagan Structures adapted to create an energizing Live Online workshop
  • Take away tips to increase student safety while maintaining interaction
  • Don’t let physical distancing be a barrier to bonding, caring, and mutual support among your students
  • Learn to adapt your favorite Kagan Structures for physical distancing
  • Interact with like-minded teachers via Zoom pair and team breakouts
  • Implement a proven approach to build cross-race friendships, prevent bullying, violence, and discipline problems

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With your attendance, you will receive the following materials:
Kagan Classroom Adaptations for COVID-19 Course Workbook

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Check-in: 9:20am Central Time
Course: 9:30am-12:30pm Central Time
Lunch Break: There will not be a lunch break

Workshop #

# 31677

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