Kagan Winter Academy 2021

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Engaging Lectures

Total Engagement of Every Student!

February 15, 2021 (Grades K-12)

Would you like to design riveting lectures so your students are energized and excited about your content? Engaging Lectures provides simple principles empowering you to upgrade your slide shows, enhance your students’ notetaking, and manage the climate of your classroom. Your teaching and learning will feel more effortless as student gains accelerate! You will work smarter, not harder, as your students become fully engaged. What’s the best part? You not only learn research-proven, brain-friendly, and cooperative learning techniques, but during the workshop you will apply these techniques on one of your actual lectures to bring back into your classrooms. Step up your game and student achievement with Engaging Lectures. WS# 31675

  • Workshop Registration FEE
  • $229

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  • Stop boring your students with ineffectual lectures 
  • Unleash the power of peer interaction to reinforce learning
  • Elevate learning from passively receiving information to actively creating knowledge
  • Take time to stop and process direct input for greater retention
  • Use proven methods to boost attention to and comprehension of the lecture content
  • Align your lectures with how your students’ brains best learn
  • Put your learning into action and plan your own engaging lecture

Free Kagan Materials
With your attendance, you will receive the following materials:
Engaging Lectures Course Workbook

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Workshop Info


Check-in: 9:20am Central Time
Course: 9:30am-4:30pm Central Time
Lunch Break: There will be a half hour lunch break

Workshop #

# 31675

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