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Re: Kindergarten ideas

Post by rickduvall » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:50 pm

I LOVE Jackie's ideas! She always provides great advice! In addition to the wonderful Kagan primary books Jackie recommended (which I also love), please try to get yourself to a Kagan Little Ones workshop whenever possible. You will experience firsthand some powerful ways to engage young children. Check this website under "Workshops" for upcoming dates and locations.

Another suggestion is when you implement a more complex Kagan structure, realize that you may need to teach it in small bite-size chunks for kindergarten students. For example, in our Cooperative Learning Day 1 workshop, we teach the classbuilding structure Mix-Pair-Share. For young students, you might need to teach them just the first step, mixing around the room silently, and then have them practice that for several days until it becomes automatic. Then, add the next step of pairing as soon as the teacher announces, "Pair." They may need to practice combining these two steps for quite a while. Finally, add a sharing structure during the Share component of the structure. It may take several days ( possibly even more than a week) to get the true Kagan structure in place in your kindergarten classroom, but once it is, your life and the lives of the students in your class will be so enriched!